Mount Zion International University Rwanda
Statement of Non-Discrimination Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct and Policy for Alcohol and Drug Use Amnesty in Sexual Violence Cases
Security of Property Policy
Reporting Student Policy
Red Flag Rules
Record Retention Policy
Progressive Discipline Policy
Policy on Students Infected with Blood-borne Pathogens
Policy on Education Benefits
Policy On Wireless Devices
Policy on Interactions with Industry
Development, Issuance and Maintenance of policy
Nonsmoking policy
Holidays and Early Closing for Religious Observations
Hate Biased Related Crime prevention
Food Services Policy
Drug-free School and Campus Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Criminal Background Check for students
Code of conduct and policy on conflict on interest and commitment
Contract for Employment Matters
Campus Parking Policy
Campus Security Policy and Program
BOT Conflicts of Interest Policy
Biological Materials in Private Motor Vehicles
Alcohol Policy