Mount Zion International University Rwanda


This University campus is located at Busanza about 6 kilometers away from Kigali International Airport, and can be easily reached by air from various countries. The University is approved by the Government of Rwanda.

The panoramic view from the Busanza campus embraces hills and valleys of the beautiful scenario, typical of Rwanda. The refreshing and re-vitalising ambience is conducive to learning recuperation. The Mount Zion International University of Rwanda has been set up by its patrons with a passion to provide value based superior quality professional education to the young generation and is managed by The Charitable Educational and Welfare Society incorporated in 2018. We ensure quality service with ultra-modern facilities at very affordable rates. It imparts training of medical professionals who will be socially oriented and ethically principled. This institution is giving personal attention to every part of the training by well experienced teachers who have vast experience in their concerned fields. Our main objective is to nurture the skills of patient management and communication. We inculcate the concept of our concern for our society considering the fact that life expectancy of nearly thirty years separates those in the richest countries from those in the poorest. To cure sometimes, to relieve often, but to comfort always- that is what a physician can do. We will provide a congenial atmosphere for the students for the


“Trust upon us, we will care for you”