Mount Zion International University Rwanda

College of Medicine

Being a doctor tomorrow is challenging, but highly rewarding. For a medical school of its size MZIUR has among the richest concentration of educational and leadership talent. The Organization runs eleven educational institutions - Medical College, a Super speciality hospital, Nursing College, College of Pharmacy, two Engineering Colleges, College of Aeronautical Engineering, College of Education, Law College and schools. Let our leadership with over 30 combined years of educational and leadership experience guide, counsel and support you in your journey of becoming a ‘full-fledged and skill full’ doctor equipped and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

MBBS course is for five years (ten semesters) plus one year Internship. The subjects covered include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Ophthalmology, Oto-rhino-laryngology (ENT), Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics. Clinical postings will start from the fourth semester onwards. Internal assessment marks (60%) and final examination marks (40%) will determine the progress through the course. There will be several examinations throughout the course and one has to pass the examinations in all the subjects every year in order to move forward to the next academic year. If any candidate fails any year, he will have to clear the failed subjects before advancing to the next academic year. 50% is the minimum mark required for a pass in each subject. More than the knowledge to be procured, a medico gets transformed from an ordinary individual to a doctor. This metamorphosis requires a painful and dedicated training and disciplining of the mind and body.

Our Vision

To build an exceptional socially accountable faculty through leadership in education, research and patient care and to be recognized as graduatighightly skilled doctors, researchers and health care professionals.

Our Mission

Mount Zion International University of Rwanda is dedicated to preparing healthcare professional by providing an intellectually stimulating environment focused on leadership, community service and lifelong learning that promotes excellence in healthcarepractive and the advancement of the profession.



Mount Zion faculty are facilitators, role models and resources in the learning process. We provide an environment that supports a diverse student population. We pursue excellence in education by assisting students to develop critical thinking skills with a commitment to the college values of Excellence, Integrity, Cummunity and Caring.Teaching/learning is a dynamic process of discovery attained through interaction and engagement. Faculty members implement cooperative teaching strategies in partnership with students to achieve program outcomes. Students share the responsibility of achieving their learning goals through particip- tion in the education process. As co-creators of their learning, students have a responsibility to develop a scholarly approach to learning through assimilation and integration of new knowledge, utilization of technology and live experiences. Graduates of MZIUR will be prepared to function in leadership roles and affect social, ethical and economic issues surrounding health care.